Double postings

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Mon May 12 05:07:15 EDT 2003

On Mon, 12 May 2003, Charles Butler wrote:

> Has anyone else been getting messages from this list more than once? Over
> the past week or so I've found duplicate messages coming through on about
> four occasions, often separated by a couple of days. The last one was one of
> mine, so I'm certain it's not just a question of the person involved sending
> it twice! I'm not sure whether the problem's at my end or at Chrestomanci
> castle, but none of my other emails seem to be affected.

	I've been getting extra copies of old DWJ list posts this past
week too.  Only one or two at first, but there were quite a lot yesterday,
I think, maybe four... So it's probably the list software acting up...
Maybe it is over-excited at the idea of getting to discuss Merlin at


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