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Sun May 11 10:08:21 EDT 2003

Melissa wrote:
> And along these lines, when a book is translated into other languages but
> leaves certain proper nouns intact, readers often apply the pronunciation
> rules of their own language if no other guide is given.  If they never
> have
> the opportunity to hear what the author intended, it's no fault to them if
> they get it "wrong."  Unless the author does make it explicit, the
> author's
> intent is irrelevant, as we are not mind readers.  

Just poor people trying to figure it out... I read DS in the German
translation, and I pronouced Magid with a hard "g" - a soft g would be very unusual
in German. The hard g runs parallel with the German magic - Magie, with a hard
g. So - is this wrong? ;-) Anyhow, as I already wrote in a different
context, the German "pronouciation guide" for Chrestomanci gets a differen result
than the English original. I wonder if they even asked DWJ about that bit.


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