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Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Sun May 11 08:15:23 EDT 2003

On Sat, 10 May 2003, Robyn Starkey wrote:

> I thought it was very interesting to see all the different places that a
> supposedly made-up word might have come from, and all the nuances of
> meaning they add.

	I've certainly found it fascinating! Especially the Jewish and
Arabic Magids. The Jewish idea especially seems to be awfully close to the
DWJ ones... Reading the thread and thinking it over I think the
uncertainty that prompted me to ask how it was pronounced in the first
place was over what the roots of "Magid" were, so it is wonderful to learn
so much about its history...  The main candidates that came to my mind
before this thread were "Magic" (which I pronounce mah-jik leading to
mah-jid), "Mage"  (mayj/may-jid), "Magos" (mah-gos/mah-gid) and "Magus"
(may-gus/may-gid)  but now I am happily squirreling more away. I will
probably end up unable to speak aloud at all...



PS: I can't find the original arabic-magid mail. Was it said that Magid
was pronounced with an "id" or an "eed"??? This has added whole new
dimensions of pondering for me...

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