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Melissa very properly Pounced:
>(This reminds me of the time I was listening to Patricia McKillip on a 
>at the local SF symposium and somebody asked her the immortal 
question: just
>how DO you pronounce Raederle anyway?  She said that she had always
>pronounced it Red-earl, but she'd been told she was wrong.)

There's a fine Urban Legend thingy to the effect that someone once went
along to a lecture being given on one of Isaac Asimov's works, and sat
patiently through a long exposition of interpretation.  At the end he 
a couple of questions and was ker-ushed by the lecturer for his absolute
ignorance of the basics on the subject.  So he waited, and very quietly
went up right at the end as the chap was about to leave and said words 
the effect "you know, I don't agree with your interpretation at all".  
which the chap asked "and who the hell are you anyway?" and on getting 
answer "I'm Isaac Asimov" said "so what the hell would you know about 

This particular anecdote carries no stamp whatever to certify its 
It may have happened to some other bloke or in some other way.  Asimov
just seems to accumulate stories about him -- and it has that ring of
academic lecturers knowing more than the unfortunate author.  If anyone 
some authenticated version of this I'd be interested to know, so I can 
it reasonably accurate for future use.  I hesitate to say "right", 
since my
version^W interpretation is as good as anyone else's, obviously, and not
"wrong" at all.  (That's called pre-emptive return fire, I think...)

I remember Isaac Asimov telling this anecdote in one of his numerous 
to either one of his stories or someone else's.  Jon references that 
story that Asimov wrote.  It's called "The Immortal Bard" and can be 
found in
_Earth is Room Enough_ and _The Complete Stories, Vol. 1_.  It's 
probable that 
he recounts the anecdote in the introduction to this story.  I think 
the quote is:
"Just because you wrote a story, why does that make you think you know 
about it?"

My resource is the site below:

I'll also note that it appears that Isaac Asimov was touchy about 
people pronouncing
and spelling his name correctly.

It's nice to know that I've been saying it right all these years.

(who pronounces Magid  ma-JID)
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