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Sun May 11 02:26:43 EDT 2003

--- minnow at wrote:
> There's a fine Urban Legend thingy to the effect
> that someone once went
> along to a lecture being given on one of Isaac
> Asimov's works, and sat
> patiently through a long exposition of
> interpretation.  At the end he asked
> a couple of questions and was ker-ushed by the
> lecturer for his absolute
> ignorance of the basics on the subject.  So he
> waited, and very quietly
> went up right at the end as the chap was about to
> leave and said words to
> the effect "you know, I don't agree with your
> interpretation at all".  To
> which the chap asked "and who the hell are you
> anyway?" and on getting the
> answer "I'm Isaac Asimov" said "so what the hell
> would you know about this
> work?"
> This particular anecdote carries no stamp whatever
> to certify its accuracy.
> It may have happened to some other bloke or in some
> other way.  Asimov
> just seems to accumulate stories about him -- and it
> has that ring of
> academic lecturers knowing more than the unfortunate
> author.  If anyone has
> some authenticated version of this I'd be interested
> to know, so I can get
> it reasonably accurate for future use.  I hesitate
> to say "right", since my
> version^W interpretation is as good as anyone
> else's, obviously, and not
> "wrong" at all.  (That's called pre-emptive return
> fire, I think...)
I suspect that this purely legend as Asimov wrote a
short story that is almost exactly the same (with
Shakespeare being brought forward by a time machine) -
the A's are the most inaccesable of my books so I'm
not looking through the Asimov's to check this.


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