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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat May 10 15:41:33 EDT 2003

>But how any other nationality or whatever chooses to pronounce a word isn't
>what counts.  Surely what is needed is how the author of the work we're
>talking about intended it to be pronounced.

Okay, not wanting to start a flame war about literary theory here, but I 
would suggest that you are very careful indeed about making the assumption 
that everyone agrees with you about giving authorial intention prime 

I thought it was very interesting to see all the different places that a 
supposedly made-up word might have come from, and all the nuances of 
meaning they add. As far as pronunciation is concerned, given the variety 
of accents spoken by people on this list (which became clear from a 
previous discussion) it seems both impossible and stupid to try to make 
pronouncements about "correctness" whatever the supposed authority.

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