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>Melissa wrote:
>>I passed a display rack in the library today and saw a book with the word
>>"Magid" prominently featured in the title.  It was a book about an Islamic
>>holiday, and had a pronunciation guide to Arabic words in the back.
>>According to this book, Magid is a boy's name and is pronounced with a hard
>>G and emphasis on the first syllable.  Certainly caught MY eye....
>But how any other nationality or whatever chooses to pronounce a word isn't
>what counts.  Surely what is needed is how the author of the work we're
>talking about intended it to be pronounced.

Did you hear me *say* that we all ought to pronounce it the Islamic way?  :)
I just thought it was interesting that the word (which I assume DWJ invented
for her book, drawing on other sources) actually exists in some other
context.  I looked up the pronunciation guide because I was sort of hoping
it would have the soft G, but no luck.  Those sorts of coincidences interest

And along these lines, when a book is translated into other languages but
leaves certain proper nouns intact, readers often apply the pronunciation
rules of their own language if no other guide is given.  If they never have
the opportunity to hear what the author intended, it's no fault to them if
they get it "wrong."  Unless the author does make it explicit, the author's
intent is irrelevant, as we are not mind readers.  Granted that I go with
the "magic-with-a-D-instead" pronunciation myself, that just makes me lucky
and/or brilliantly deductive.  And as you will soon learn, Minnow, I am a
Jeenyus and Allways Right.  :)

(This reminds me of the time I was listening to Patricia McKillip on a panel
at the local SF symposium and somebody asked her the immortal question: just
how DO you pronounce Raederle anyway?  She said that she had always
pronounced it Red-earl, but she'd been told she was wrong.)

Melissa Proffitt

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