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Sat May 10 10:49:29 EDT 2003

Johanna wrote:

<< Speaking of book recommendations & such, I have to peep my head up out of
school-induced lurkdom to thank whoever (can't remember) talked up The
Bone Doll's Twin a few months ago. I spotted it at a used bookstore a few
weeks ago & read it in about a day & a half. Creepy as anything! I also
like how the "good guys" do the morally ambiguous thing right at the
beginning--in a lot of fantasy novels, the questionable action occurs way
later, so that you've already been won over by the "good guys" & are a bit
more likely to see their action as a difficult, but necessary sacrifice.
Putting this at the beginning means you're not really sure if the good
guys -are- the good guys, & you're less sure that what they did was
justifiable. At least that's part of what I liked about the book.>>

(I think someone else mentioned it first, and I added to the discussion. If
I remember correctly. :-))

Oh, I agree! What they did is definitely questionable. And it *is* dark,
isn't it? Almost horror in parts, but not horrifically so. :-) Also, I like
the way the book is really about the inner life of the protagonist, although
it's set in the context of kingdoms, kings and queens, etc.

Would you believe that there are reviews around (including the most popular
review sites) that actually *reveal* what the "good guys" do in the
beginning? Part of the joy of the book is finding that out for yourself.
That really annoys me; this kind of important stuff shouldn't be revealed in
a review, IMO. If anyone is planning on reading it, my personal advice is
not to read any reviews until you've finished it.

<< Also thanks for the warning that it was first in a trilogy--the cover
makes no mention of it, & I'd've been really annoyed reaching the end
otherwise! As it is I'm waiting anxiously for July & the next book.>>

And I will have to re-read it before then, because my memory is such that
I've forgotten a lot of the details and characters (I read it when it came
out some time ago and I'm finding that I don't remember what I read even
months ago as well as I used to).


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