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Sat May 10 10:31:11 EDT 2003

Speaking of book recommendations & such, I have to peep my head up out of
school-induced lurkdom to thank whoever (can't remember) talked up The
Bone Doll's Twin a few months ago. I spotted it at a used bookstore a few
weeks ago & read it in about a day & a half. Creepy as anything! I also
like how the "good guys" do the morally ambiguous thing right at the
beginning--in a lot of fantasy novels, the questionable action occurs way
later, so that you've already been won over by the "good guys" & are a bit
more likely to see their action as a difficult, but necessary sacrifice.
Putting this at the beginning means you're not really sure if the good
guys -are- the good guys, & you're less sure that what they did was
justifiable. At least that's part of what I liked about the book.

Also thanks for the warning that it was first in a trilogy--the cover
makes no mention of it, & I'd've been really annoyed reaching the end
otherwise! As it is I'm waiting anxiously for July & the next book.


What, after all, is a halo? It’s only one more thing to keep clean.
--Christopher Fry, The Lady's Not For Burning

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