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Sat May 10 08:46:26 EDT 2003

> I noticed a definite trend and thought I ought to ease off a 
> little on DWJ (TMC not improved by reading it so close to 
> DS). Actually, I can't get hold of any more right now, but 
> still thought I ought to diversify. I was going to read the 
> Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine, but left it at home and so 
> read Homecoming and Dicey's Song (Voigt) in one night and 
> realised Dicey's grandmother reminds me a lot of Polly's in 
> F&H. Not in appearance or background, but in approach to 
> other people. 

There are more books about Dicey, her family and friends.
I like Solitary Blue and Come a Stranger (is that the right title?).

> Jennifer wrote:
> > Eight Skilled Gentlemen, Barry Hughart
> > A magical China that never was. Master Li and Number Ten Ox 
> > investigate a murder and find that magical bird-cages and 
> demons are 
> > involved. Not as funny as Bridge of Birds, but very good.
I found it much nastier/scarier than Bridge of Birds.

I liked Plum Rain Scroll, and also the followup book, The Dragon Stone.
A quick search on the web tells me that there is a third book, "The
Peony Lantern"
As I'm not a fan of Lloyd Alexander, I can't comment on their likeness
to The Book of Three.

Certainly, the second book seemed more a replay of the first.

Anita Graham

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