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Sat May 10 07:23:09 EDT 2003

Melissa wrote:

>I passed a display rack in the library today and saw a book with the word
>"Magid" prominently featured in the title.  It was a book about an Islamic
>holiday, and had a pronunciation guide to Arabic words in the back.
>According to this book, Magid is a boy's name and is pronounced with a hard
>G and emphasis on the first syllable.  Certainly caught MY eye....

But how any other nationality or whatever chooses to pronounce a word isn't
what counts.  Surely what is needed is how the author of the work we're
talking about intended it to be pronounced.

Magic-with-a-'d'-at-the-end seems to be DWJ's preference, so that's what I
shall try to go with.

I have had four friends whose name was *spelt* "Eva".  They preferred to be
called "ee-va" (usual English), "ee-vay" (Californian hippy), "ay-va"
(traditional Austrian) and "ev-va" (German standard I *think*).  Emphasis
on the first syllable in each case.  I just tried very hard every time to
remember to say each lady's name how *she* wanted it said, and to blazes
with my parochial English preferences...


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