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> >Is this new?  I have a feeling of deja vu about that title.  But the only
> >Hughart I have is Bridge of Birds, which understandably doesn't list other
> >books of his because it came out before them.  As it were.
>No, we are all annoyed that he only wrote three books.  _The Story of the
>Stone_ was published 1988 and _Eight Skilled Gentlemen_ was 1991.  There
>isn't anything chronological to keep you from reading them in whichever
>order you prefer.  I think _Bridge of Birds_ is probably his best work,
>though I love all of them.  What I'd heard is that Hughart was disillusioned
>by the poor reception his books received, and decided not to write any more,
>but that may be fable.

Stars Our Destination has reprinted  the trilogy as an omnibus, which was
available at specialty sf shops.  There was a limited edition signed hardcover
edition that quickly sold out, but I think the tradepaperbacks are still 
Stars Our Destination ( is  based in Evanston, Illinois and
does mail order.

I've also heard something similar re:his disillusionment when I'd asked 
them how to
contact him, which makes me rather leery of actually attempting that 
now.  But I'm
very happy they were able to do the omnibus.  (Of course, I'm also very 
happy that
Bridge of the Birds is readily available in mass market paperback and push 
it on
people whenever possible.)

(who shamefacedly admits to not reading the last two books yet, but will 
place it high
on the TBR list)

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