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Fri May 9 17:52:56 EDT 2003

Jennifer wrote:

>The Far-Enough Window, John Grant
>John Grant is aka Paul Barnett, who co-edited the Encyclopaedia of Fantasy.
>He also writes for Infinity Plus, where the first couple of chapters of The
>Far-Enough Window are hosted.
> I bought it because I
>liked the taster. The book becomes darker later on, the quality of the
>writing stays the same. It reminded me slightly of Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

So long as he doesn't start with the main character being killed in a
horrible way on about page three, then give the rest of the book as a
flashback to tell you how it came about that a person you're meant to get
fond of during the narrative has been horribly killed in a time loop...  I
was very cross with him indeed for that particular bit of silliness.  In
fact I probably pounded on tables and stamped my feet and carried on
something alarming about it...

>Eight Skilled Gentlemen, Barry Hughart
>A magical China that never was. Master Li and Number Ten Ox investigate a
>murder and find that magical bird-cages and demons are involved. Not as
>funny as Bridge of Birds, but very good.

Is this new?  I have a feeling of deja vu about that title.  But the only
Hughart I have is Bridge of Birds, which understandably doesn't list other
books of his because it came out before them.  As it were.


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