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Fri May 9 17:40:13 EDT 2003

Kathleen asked:

>And must track down a Gaiman book or two also, haven't read any yet.
>Recommendations for first book?

Neverwhere.  The TV series didn't really do it justice, though Hunter and
Carabas were *fine* and Vandemar and Croup were splendidly sinister.

Second choice, Coraline.

I *love* American Gods, but it's a bit heavy for an introductory read, I

Stardust, the fairy-story, seems to me to be written with an eye to the
illustrator, and not have much to say apart from "This is a fairy-story and
I have read *lots* of those and know exactly how it ought to be done -- oh,
and I have this triffic illustrator lined up", which isn't as interesting
as the two I put first.


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