I practised beforehand...

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I think I shall have to discover this Tom Lehrer.

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> On Wed, 7 May 2003 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
> > Rowena warned:
> >
> > > BUT they have made a huge mistake on the CDs in how they split
> > > the tracks. One of the Great Joys is laughing at the patter
> > > before you hear the song ('Battersea!' 'Without having to bend
> > > down...') and yet on the CDs they've split the tracks so that
> > > they start at the beginning of each song, and you have to listen
> > > to the previous one to get the patter. Does that make sense?
> >
> > What you say makes sense, what they have done does not!
> The whole question of what to do with pre-song patter on CDs is
> complicated, and probably has no good solution. Some people, in some
> circumstances, *want* to jump straight to the song. Another possible
> permutation is to have "1. Mud (patter) 2. Mud (song) 3. The Gasman
> Cometh (patter) 4. The Gasman Cometh (song)" and so on, but that has
> its own problems.
> -snip-
> > There's a reference to F&S in an obscure comic from fifteen years
> > ago called "Redfox".  In it there is an issue (#19) in which the
> > Fantasyland heroine ends up in a London-alike parallel world, in
> > which she catches a bus which subsequently bursts into song...  
> > 'Big six-wheeler, diesel-engined, ninety-seven salamander omnibus'
> > -- the internal combustion engine in this place is run by
> > salamanders -- and as she is thrown off for upsetting the
> > salamanders in the engine the conductor says 'Hold very tight
> > please' and the sound-effect 'ting ting' appears.
> I'm feeling a bit lost amid all these F&S references, so if you'll
> please excuse me I'm going to talk about Tom Lehrer now.
> There's a Poul Anderson story where the heroes have to mount an
> expedition into a universe where space is non-Euclidean. To navigate
> this space, they are entirely dependent on one member of the
> expedition: he's a mathematician who pioneered the study of hyperbolic
> geometry, and Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is his name...
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