Zinka and Deep Secret

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Wed May 7 16:15:48 EDT 2003

Jon wrote:

>My theory is very simple; If my brother got married he
>probably wouldn't think to tell anybody in the family
>until he next saw them which might be in a years time.
>If he was living with someone or had just formed a
>relationship we probably wouldn't find out  even then,
>we would be more likely to learn about from someone
>else. And it is not as if there is some family feud on
>or anything. We just never see him, if we want to find
>out what he is up to we go to his website;
>(worth looking out if you want to see some rather good
>photos of the Aussie bush).

I suspect that one of DWJ's sons is similar in outlook
to your brother.

>As for the Zinka/Rupert/man on the stairs thing, it
>also wouldn't occur to him that marriage meant giving
>up such things as never being home in the weekends or
>holidays or having occassional sex with someone you
>fancy or spending any time at all with your partner,
>and he wouldn't expect anything different from his

The stairparty is an amalgamation of various stair-
parties that have happened at conventions during the
past fifteen years; in particular, it owes a great
deal to one that happened at a Mexicon in Harrogate.
The drawing-on-people in particular a very large and
lovely-to-look-at lad, was at a public orgy in the
lounge of the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool at Easter
in 1992, in imitation of an occasion at the Adelphi
in Liverpool in 1990 on which someone had acted as an
impromptu sketch-pad.

There is a theory, to which DWJ has contributed the
occasional footnote (well, there was a foot-fetishist
present at the time...), that the time spent at SF
Conventions is of a special sort, called 'Convention
Time' (also known as 'Time Off For Bad Behaviour')
and is not in fact part of the usual regular flow of
chronology.  This apparently explains how people at
conventions seem to be able to manage on 14 hours'
sleep between Wednesday morning and Tuesday night,
and phenomena such as total amnesia as to the events
on Saturday afternoon in the Green Room, or being
absolutely certain they were on Monday....  It is
not my theory, it was concocted by DWJ and Tom Holt,
and I do not necessarily either subscribe to it or
deny its possible validity.  I merely suggest that if
DWJ is using this theory in DS, it explains Zinka and
the Adonis, though since Rupert is ignorant of SF
conventions it gets us no further with the Rupert and
Zinka question.


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