Temporal Quandries, Zinka and Deep Secret

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed May 7 16:15:47 EDT 2003

Christian wrote:

>1. i'm sure DWJ didn't expect the chronology of rupert and zinka and simon
>to be picked at so much. so it could have a mistake.

I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that maybe she deliberately
wrote in what I'll call "inadvertant incest" for lack of a quicker term,
and did it just to flutter the dovecotes a little; it'd be just like her to
have slid it past an editor or two, in a spirit of mischief, to see if
anyone *did* notice.  Goodness knows she has been quietly pushing
boundaries for thirty years, why would she stop now?

>2. i never assumed they had to be magids for rupert and zinka to get it on.
>i assumed zinka was from earth because she's comes back to it to go to the
>con, and it's her vacation spot. also the comment someone brought up earlier
>that lots of magids are from earth because you have to be strong to work
>magic there.

If they met elsewhere than Earth one or both would have to have been magid
at the time, was the point, I think.  And we know Rupert has been a magid
for two years, Zinka not more than three, so *if* it wasn't i.i. it would
have had to be on Earth that they knew each other.  Both having
magid-potential, they might have been attracted to each other before either
was actually sponsered.

>i really suspect that #1 is the real source of this whole problem. to be
>honest, i didn't expect the list to spend so much time on the topic either

Never disallow the possibility of mild troublemaking when it's DWJ.  She
has that glint in her eye sometimes, and then innocent (for some values of
the word) young men at conventions get drawn all over in their sleep!



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