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Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Wed May 7 13:24:04 EDT 2003

> Me: (Aimee)
> Do tell about the book!

I wish I could say Bradbury's book was a thinly-disguised tribute to
Flanders and Swan, but it's probably more a case of knowing a good title
when he saw it. It's a campus novel, though it has the distinction of being
a very early one (Bradbury's first - 1959). It's good, but nothing like as
funny as, say, _Lucky Jim_.

May I second Rowena's recommendation of _I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue_, btw?

On F&S (and I realise it's getting a bit OT too), much as I admire them -
and I DO, believe me! - I like even more the surreal style of Ivor Cutler,
the Glaswegian poet and singer. Is he at all known outside the Island of the
Mighty? The trouble with his songs is they're not the kind everyone can join
in on - they can only be made funny if delivered by Cutler himself. There
are quite a few audio files on the Net, but try this for size:
http://www.stormpages.com/mostyn/ Search for 'Pussy on the Mat' and 'A
Wooden Tree'. Some of the poems there are quite funny too - but I will admit
in advance that it's not everyone's style of humour. :-)


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