I practised beforehand...

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Oh YES!! My family also grew up on these 2 LPs. I bought my Mother the CD boxed set a few years ago. They seem to have squeezed extra material onto the 'Hats' which I'm assuming comes from the 'lost' recordings.
And yes quotes crop up all the time in life, (I particularly love 'In July the Sun is Hot...' and 'Still I never did care for music much...'), but also from the patter between songs. It's hilarious people, so do try & listen if you haven't heard them already (Ditto for I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue). (But then my family is known to be mad)
BUT they have made a huge mistake on the CDs in how they split the tracks. One of the Great Joys is laughing at the patter before you hear the song ('Battersea!' 'Without having to bend down...') and yet on the CDs they've split the tracks so that they start at the beginning of each song, and you have to listen to the previous one to get the patter. Does that make sense?  

I'm not sure that I can squeeze an ObDWJ into this, although like Flanders & Swann her books are enjoyable no matter how many times you listen to/read them.

A Gnother Gnu!


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Minnow wondered:
> Kathleen, do you know the two "lost" F&S LPs, *And Then We Wrote* and
> *Tried By The Centre Court*?  They don't seem to be in the boxed 
> CD set
> that purports to be the "complete" F&S.

The boxed set we have has "At the Drop of a Hat", "At the Drop of Another Hat" and (I think) "The Bestiary" (we pronounce it both ways). One of them has "Tried by the Centre Court" but I've never heard the actual albums you mentioned. I grew up on my father's LPs of the first two... If you're lost in London, and you don't know where we are, and so forth. (My family breaks into song regularly, to the profound embarrassment of my younger sister who is convinced she's adopted. My father recites Banjo Patterson to crowds of strangers. My mother puts funnels on her head and shouts out "Tom Terrific and his wonder-dog Manfred!" in crowded supermarkets, and mistakes people for interesting statues. I'm not excluded - my friends say living with me is like living in a musical. F&S are actually very handy when you need A Song for Every Occasion (High Fidelity...!). My sister made us swear not to sing before bringing a friend home. When they arrived at the house my mother an I were scru
bbing the floor with toothbrushes, so she takes singing as the devil she knows, now. Oh well, it keeps the neighbours amused).


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