I practised beforehand...

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Wed May 7 05:34:40 EDT 2003

Aimee wrote:
> I love that one:
> "Seated one night at the tom-tom, I heard a welcome shout 
> from the kitchen:
> 'Come and Ge-et it!' *Roast Leg of Insurance salesman*..."
> What is everyone's favourite? Or do you have favourites?

I have a soft spot for the monologues. Los Olivadors, Tried by the Centre
Court, the one about flying... Slow Train is definately one of my favourite
songs, but it's like thinking of a favourite book. First and Second Laws of
Thermodynamics vies with Omnibus, the Second Horn Concerto, the Sloth....

> Lunch at college can be a very exciting time:
> Vets on one hand, TRYing to gross you off your food, whoever 
> knows either F&S (or Veggietales, or...) singing whenever anything 
> remotely resembling it comes along in conversation. 

A. and I tend to sing Tom Lehrer at each other, or the Reduced Shakespeare
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