Zinka and Deep Secret

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 00:19:58 EDT 2003

The latest New Scientist suggests another explantion
for the Marriage Problem. They were married in
Ireland, which apparently exists 23 months in the
future. Unfortunately for those who don't have access
to the print edition the story isn't on the website
but it is in the Feedback section (2nd last page) of
the issue for 3 May 2003. A product was manufactured
in England in July 1996 which is appently June 1998 in
Ireland. This would enable Zinka and whathisname to
have married in Ireland three months ago but for
Rupurt that is still 20 months in the future. Maybe
the Zinka with the man on the stairs still isn't
married either.

 I am in awe of the Irish list members who have been
able to restrain themselves in not giving spoilers on
Merlin Conspiracy last year. Have you read the next
Harry Potter yet? Give us a clue as to what DWJ's next
book is at least called.
I just can't wait for Amazon to open its Irish branch.

(PS thge product in question was a package of
Schering-Plough Diprobase emollient cream)

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