Zinka and Deep Secret

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 17:27:52 EDT 2003

--- Ven <vendersleighc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> This is a fascinating debate, absolutely
> exemplifying the principle that everything in Dwj
>  can be endlessly unpacked. It's  too long since
> I last read DS to join in fully, however there's
> one thing I'd like to bring up, if only to
> confirm that I'm wrong! I've been vaguely under
> the impression that time ran differently in the
> different, um, universes. Therefore I thought
> that Zinka and Simon could have been falling in
> love and being married for three years  somewhere
> else while only a few months had passed on
> Earthsince it had been Rupert who was having 
> fling with Zinka. I imagined  Simon thinking
> something like "I'll tell Rupert when I see him
> at Will's for Christmas." It may well have made
> sense that he would want to put it off. Am I
> right about the time thing? Does this do horrible
> things to people's theories?

My theory is very simple; If my brother got married he
probably wouldn't think to tell anybody in the family
until he next saw them which might be in a years time.
If he was living with someone or had just formed a
relationship we probably wouldn't find out  even then,
we would be more likely to learn about from someone
else. And it is not as if there is some family feud on
or anything. We just never see him, if we want to find
out what he is up to we go to his website;


(worth looking out if you want to see some rather good
photos of the Aussie bush). 
As for the Zinka/Rupert/man on the stairs thing, it
also wouldn't occur to him that marriage meant giving
up such things as never being home in the weekends or
holidays or having occassional sex with someone you
fancy or spending any time at all with your partner,
and he wouldn't expect anything different from his
Mind you you'd be knocking us over with feathers if we
found out he had got married.
Even my sister, whom I see often wasn't going to tell
anyone she was getting married. I found out the day
before from my mother who was only told because they
needed her to get the celebrant to the end of the
canyon where they were getting married. (my sister and
her partner went the hard way with some friends [the
guests who were oblivious of the impending nuptuals]
but the celebrant balked at that so my mother had to
take her along an easy walking track} (for Oz canyons
see my brother's site above)


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