Temporal Quandries, Zinka and Deep Secret

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Tue May 6 13:32:58 EDT 2003

>From: Anna Clare McDuff keeping the world attuned to Greenwich Mean Time, 
>but it is a point
>against the theory. Specially as no one seems to like the K Empire very
>much. But then I suppose a lot of the world dislikes the UK too, and
>possibly for similar reasons, so I'm not sure what conclusions to draw!

well, the other important piece of information is that rupert's journal was 
written *after* koryfos comes back, which means that the koryfonic empire 
gains a whole new level of legitimacy.

since andrew/koryfos asked rupert for this account specficially and 
personally at the end of the book, you can't use the attitudes toward the 
koryfonic empire during the rest of the book to apply to the Theory Of 
Koryfonic Time, as i shall christen it.

however, i never inferred anything about time differences between worlds 
when i was reading the book (i don't know if it's there or not, i just never 

and a couple of points to return to:

1. i'm sure DWJ didn't expect the chronology of rupert and zinka and simon 
to be picked at so much. so it could have a mistake.

2. i never assumed they had to be magids for rupert and zinka to get it on. 
i assumed zinka was from earth because she's comes back to it to go to the 
con, and it's her vacation spot. also the comment someone brought up earlier 
that lots of magids are from earth because you have to be strong to work 
magic there.

i really suspect that #1 is the real source of this whole problem. to be 
honest, i didn't expect the list to spend so much time on the topic either 

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