Zinka and Deep Secret

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Tue May 6 04:38:30 EDT 2003

I've been vaguely under
> the impression that time ran differently in the
> different, um, universes.

With the same caveats about not have read DS for a while... I don't remember
that about the DS/MC multiverse. Though it's certainly a feature of some
mulitverses, like Narnia. Does DWJ use it elsewhere? I'm scraping around for
any suggestion of it in the Chrestomanci multiverse but can't remember. And
in the Homeward Bounders multiverse [spoiler below!]

I'd say it doesn't apply, because when Jamie gets back to his own world
after 90 odd years as a HB, that's the amount of time that's passed there.
That's to bracket the matter of his own age, of course. :-)


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