Temporal Quandries, Zinka and Deep Secret

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at math.sunysb.edu
Tue May 6 03:37:27 EDT 2003

On Mon, 5 May 2003, Ven wrote:

> This is a fascinating debate, absolutely
> exemplifying the principle that everything in Dwj
>  can be endlessly unpacked. It's  too long since
> I last read DS to join in fully, however there's
> one thing I'd like to bring up, if only to
> confirm that I'm wrong! I've been vaguely under
> the impression that time ran differently in the
> different, um, universes. Therefore I thought
> that Zinka and Simon could have been falling in
> love and being married for three years  somewhere
> else while only a few months had passed on
> Earthsince it had been Rupert who was having
> fling with Zinka. I imagined  Simon thinking
> something like "I'll tell Rupert when I see him
> at Will's for Christmas." It may well have made
> sense that he would want to put it off. Am I
> right about the time thing? Does this do horrible
> things to people's theories?

	Ohh, it would beat my Zinka/Rupert/Simon theories, lock them in a
cupboard & keep them on dry bread & water... Might not necessarily kill
them, but they would be very sorry for themselves...

	I have a feeling that to answer this one I will need to re-read A
Certain Book That Isn't Up For Discussion Yet. I thought time travel was a
special case, done by the high powered, but I've only read it once & may
be misremembering things horribly. In fact I almost surely am, I
just don't rememer enough to know what's missing!

	But from Deep Secret I will say that there does seem to be some
non-earthly standard of time mentioned (the first page says that "In the
year E.K. 3413 these files were obtained from the magid Rupert Venables,
and, at the Emperor's personal request, deposited in the new archive at
Iforion.") and that *might* be a universal standard, which would be a
really handy thing to have if dealing with a universe where different
worlds ran on different time scales, and it's something I would expect
people who travel continuously between worlds like Magids to habitually
use just so they know where they are (or should that read *when* they are
:-), but it sounds suspiciously like something along the lines of Empire
Koryfos time to me. Which doesn't necessarily mean it *isn't* the
universal time standard, after all us Brits have done a remarkable job of
keeping the world attuned to Greenwich Mean Time, but it is a point
against the theory. Specially as no one seems to like the K Empire very
much. But then I suppose a lot of the world dislikes the UK too, and
possibly for similar reasons, so I'm not sure what conclusions to draw!


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