Zinka and Deep Secret

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 21:08:57 EDT 2003

This is a fascinating debate, absolutely
exemplifying the principle that everything in Dwj
 can be endlessly unpacked. It's  too long since
I last read DS to join in fully, however there's
one thing I'd like to bring up, if only to
confirm that I'm wrong! I've been vaguely under
the impression that time ran differently in the
different, um, universes. Therefore I thought
that Zinka and Simon could have been falling in
love and being married for three years  somewhere
else while only a few months had passed on
Earthsince it had been Rupert who was having 
fling with Zinka. I imagined  Simon thinking
something like "I'll tell Rupert when I see him
at Will's for Christmas." It may well have made
sense that he would want to put it off. Am I
right about the time thing? Does this do horrible
things to people's theories?


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