Doing It debate

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Sun May 4 14:31:41 EDT 2003

Two minor added points.

This book turned up on the Saturday Radio 4 Arts programme last night, and
was lauded, which, like winning the Booker Prize, is generally for me a
signal that I can safely avoid reading it.  (I love the Booker, it has let
me off several books in my lifetime that I'm sure I would have disenjoyed
had I bothered with them.)

Research among a sample of one thirteen-year-old girl who happened to be
there as the programme was on has indicated that she thinks MB is a triffic
writer and will certainly read *Doing It* as soon as she can lay hands on a
copy.  She found the grown-ups debating its suitability or otherwise rather
silly, because it has nothing to do with them.

:-)   Go, Bratlet!

I expect she'll tell me whether I'd like to read it.  She may think it a
bit shocking for me, though; grownups often can't cope with reality,
according to her.  One has to protect the poor old things in case they get

This of course leaves me in a somewhat difficult situation, because I
probably ought to pretend to be shocked so that I don't spoil her
expectations, but it's far more likely that I'll be bored.

Can the bloke write reasonably good English, Charlie?  I do slightly draw
the line at ploughing through a lot of ungrammatical stuff just for the
sake of appearances....


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