If hosen and shoon thou ne'er gav'st nane

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at math.sunysb.edu
Sun May 4 14:01:39 EDT 2003

On Sun, 4 May 2003, Anna Z Skarzynska wrote:

> I wonder if the expression hearth and home replaced fire and flete at some
> point. They basically mean the same thing.

	I think it was Philip who pointed out the use of fire & flete &
candle light by DWJ in A Sudden Wild Magic when they are calling up the
sprit of the dead girl.  It refers to both fire & flete & candle light
*and* hearth and house & warmth. And them there is a later reference to
earth & air & flame that is also quite suggestive. I'm not sure if the
three sets of three are meant to be equivalent or not... They don't seem
to be used in exactly the same way... Possibly the last triad is an 
escalation on the first two. 

	Here's the quote (from page 267 of my UK hardback): 

	"They all knew what to do. Shortly, with the solitary candle
casting dark leaf-flickers over ceiling and faces, and gusting
occasionally from the wind that still roared outside, they stood in three
quarters of a circle, and Mark, standing with his back to the fire so that
the glow of it shone red through his gown, spread his arms & began the
strange simple call that summoned a dead soul.
	By fire and flete and candlelight, to hearth and house and warmth, 
he called and called three times. The sound of the wind dropped away. None 
of them heard anything but the light breathing of the others and the 
gentle whickering of the candle flame. 
	He spread his arms to call her to earth and air and flame, but she 
was there already. She had been yearning for the call. Her gusty voice 
filled the room."

	It's definitely suggestive, but I'm not sure quite of what. There
seem to be references to comfort, to elemental necessities & powers, but I
can't quite put it all together... maybe I need some neurofen & a nap! :-)


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