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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sat May 3 23:48:59 EDT 2003

--- Nat case <ncase at> wrote:
> >  > Otter Perry wrote:
> >>>
> >  > Hell is in Norway.  :-)
> >>
> Also in Michigan. There's a photo from one of he
> early Midwest Morris 
> (dance) Ales of all the accordionists lined up with
> a big pile of 
> melodeons, concertinas and such, being handed their
> instrument as 
> they pass the "Welcome to Hell" road sign.
> And I seem to recall a TV show about touring Norway
> that included the 
> opening line "Hell, like much of the rest of
> Norway..."
> Then there's Embarrass, Minnesota, coldest town in
> the US outside Alaska.
Although many place names of Aboriginal origin sound
strange to western ears (Yackandanda, Gulargambone,
Wagga Wagga etc) the only silly place in Oz that
springs to mind is the rather quaint Comebychance.

Jon (who'll probably think of a dozen more when I hit

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