If hosen and shoon thou ne'er gav'st nane

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat May 3 18:13:57 EDT 2003

Hallie wrote:

>It's certainly a likely proposition, and I'm definitely not
>challenging your credentials!  OOH, there are a lot of varients of
>the L-WD, at least from what I saw on a cursory search last night,
>and surely it would make some difference that the MS would have been
>of a song, rather than a tale?   Just my 2 cent's worth question.

It's called a ballad, for what that's worth.  Oral tradition rather than
written.  (Going by the name, Lyke-Wake, it could equally well be called a
funeral carol!)

Oh come on, *someone* must have the complete Child!  Am I going to have to
go to the Library?  dashitall, it's *raining* out there!

(I don't trust thicky owd web-thing, it's all uncredited and
self-referential and it never seems to give dates and sources I feel I can
trust.  Besides, webs is like nets and fish don't *like* nets.)

Mutter mutter .... Q .... mutter mutter .... Lang ... mutter.....
Scottish?  Surely not!  ...  mutter mutter mutter.....

Either way it doesn't *really* matter

(so ok I was going to the Library anyway and *I* don't care if some rotten
xyz has got the complete Child out until the end of the month <grump>
<grump> because I had to get the Yeats Late Poetry and I wasn't making a
special journey to look up the Lyke-Wkae Dirge, not even slightly)

because we know which version of it DWJ is using; Maree says "flete", so
"flete" it is.  And since it works, it must be right, in the DS universe


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