Zinka and Deep Secret

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Sat May 3 18:14:00 EDT 2003

Ania wrote:

>> Gracious me, if I were suddenly told in passing that my brother and one of
>> my closest (I had thought) friends had been married three years and
>> forgotten to tell me, *I'd* be a bit storbumfurkled.  Wouldn't most
>> Minnow
>That's exactly the point. It would be a fairly major revelation, and adding
>to that the (hypothetical) fact that he'd bonked his bro's missus, I'd have
>thought he'd have been more bothered. And however pagan he may be at the
>moment, he was brought up in a country w/ judeo-xtian values, so discomfort
>would be inevitable, I'd have thought. Deep conditioning is not easily
>banished from the deeper recesses of one's mind. And as he did not know they
>were married, he cannot possibly know how his bro (product of the same
>tradition) would feel about it, were he to find out.

I think he's simply punch-drunk, to be honest.  Then before he can say
anything Will sends him off to be talked to by Koryfos.

My suspicion, actually, is that his very first reaction might be along the
lines "She married *you*?  But she was *my* lover!" -- and that would tie
in with his feeling dejected shortly afterwards, when Koryfos smiling at
him makes him feel "more like a viable human being again".  As far as
Rupert is concerned, he's made every mistake in the book (as it were, no
particular pun intended) from allowing the heir to be killed in Chapter One
right through to failing to notice for months and years that the
man-next-door is Koryfos; he's got a hefty guilt-load on board about the
way his mistakes have caused deaths and general frightfulness; now to cap
it all he discovers that his big brother is married to a woman he thought
of, in a vague way, as being *his* friend, and he didn't even know she
*knew* his brother, so he's not even any good at personal relationships
either.  Rather a low spot in one's life, something like that would be,
even without the "waaaah I'm crap as a magid" feeling he was already
suffering from: "waaaah I'm crap as husband-material" as well.  It isn't
necessarily anything un-self-centred at all, he may not even have thought
of any ramifications beyond what the situation says as a reflection on

He's had quite a day, one way and another....  very low self-esteem time,
poor fellow.


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