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> Oh, that's *much* better than the Anti-podes!  I always wondered what a
> pode was that they were so opposed to 'em.
> Minnow

I apologize in advance if I've told either of these stories here before!

My brother once told me solemnly that an epi-tome was a little book placed on 
top of a big book.

Speaking of things "they" are against, it took me years to figure out what 
"nukes" were, in the many bits of graffiti I saw saying NO NUKES. I felt that 
graffiti-spraying was inherently a Bad Thing, so if graffiti-sprayers were 
objecting to nukes, nukes must be Good Things that were being maligned. I 
finally decided they must be homosexuals.

By the way, I think _The Merlin Conspiracy_ has a hit at common 
misunderstandings of British terms by Americans, when she mentions a kind of 
electric torch (i.e., flashlight) that emits a wavering, flame-like light! 

Helen Schinske
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