Zinka and Deep Secret

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Sat May 3 09:52:24 EDT 2003

Ania wrote:

>Couldn't the apparent inconsistency in the Zinka/Si/ Rupert dates be because
>DWJ inadvertently Made A Mistake with the dates? Did she ever expect this to
>be so closely analysed?

I don't suppose any author expects to be so closely analysed.  :-)  DWJ
stands up to it better than most.  :-)

>I cannot see how even someone who is very 'liberated' would feel comfortable
>about sleeping with his brother's wife. Rupert certainly has morals,

Perhaps he holds by the (current, perfectly valid and sensible) neo-Pagan
moral code that says "do what thou wilt so long as thou harmest none", and
so didn't need to be 'liberated' from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic code of
morals in the first place?  If neither Zinka nor Simon has been harmed by
his action -- and they don't seem to be -- then all he'd have to deal with
is his own feelings and the need to move Zinka from the category
"completely independent person" to "has a prior commitment" in his future
dealings with her.

Perhaps he knows (and DWJ knows) that *Zinka's* code is "do what thou wilt
so long as thou harmest none".  In which case his (and DWJ's) lack of
concern about her interest in the Adonis on the stairs is because he knows
(and DWJ knows) she won't do the chap any harm...  That would make
perfectly good sense.  It's pretty clear that Zinka didn't do *Rupert* any
harm, or he wouldn't be pleased to see her when she first turns up.

>yet he
>does not dwell on the revelation that Zinka is married- surely he'd have
>agonized over it a bit more if he'd just found out he'd slept with her when
>she was married to his brother?

Rupert has rather more pressing, immediate and personal worries at that
point than whether or not he was guilty of inadvertant incest (if it was;
if having one's brother's wife as a temporary lover is incest, if Zinka was
married to Simon when R and she were lovers) some time ago.  His reaction,
or lack of it, is more like a sort of blank "Oh.  You could have told me
sooner" along with "I can't deal with this now!  You've been given my job
and I think the Upper Room are about to demote me, my idiot neighbour has
turned out to be the Lost Emperor Koryfos and I'd no idea he was and I've
made a complete idiot of myself, and you've just told me I'm expected to
marry Maree!  I can't cope with all this all at once..."

"Consternation" might be at least as much because he hadn't been told and
so hasn't said the "congratulations" he ought to have done, and may have
offended Zinka.  Likewise, not having known and sent a present at the time
might cause one to feel consternation.  It seems a fairly tame word to
describe "omigod i cuckolded my own brother by accident!" feelings, does

Gracious me, if I were suddenly told in passing that my brother and one of
my closest (I had thought) friends had been married three years and
forgotten to tell me, *I'd* be a bit storbumfurkled.  Wouldn't most people?


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