Zinka and Deep Secret

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at math.sunysb.edu
Sat May 3 06:42:19 EDT 2003

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Anita Graham wrote:

> On the words in the Lyke-Wake dirge and Deep Secret: I have always liked
> the fact that the bus station is Whinmore bus-station, and my impression
> is that it is a cold and bony place too. (Maybe that's the way I think
> of waiting in bus stations anyway). I assumed that the Whinnes are the
> crows/black birds that appear to peck at them, but was there a
> suggestion earlier that they are berries of the spiky bushes. Either
> would make sense given how the thorns stab them.

	Another thing I'm not sure has been mentioned yet (I'm beginning
to lose track... :-) is the Thornlady, who seems to be a particularly
nasty sort of whin/gorse! And she does try her very best to prick poor
Maree to the bare bane...


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