Deep Secret, Spoiler Space, Merlin

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While I think this is an interesting idea, somehow I don't think the family
definition stretches to that man on the stairs, or the assortment of
creatures she *may* have had intimate contact with... You get the idea she
is a bit more liberal minded than the Tibetan idea of necessity.
On the other hand, I did like the idea of Zinka as a "victim" in the slavery
thing... could make an interesting short (or long) story, couldn't it?

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On Thu, 1 May 2003, Sally Odgers wrote:

> Zinka were her & her husband's protestations that of course she was
> > faithful. Just goes to show how effective it can be to talk the talk
> > walking however you damn please...
> Just to chuck another spanner - how about this scenario? Zinka isn't from
> Earth, and she is using *her* world's definition of faithfulness... which
> may be similar to the one in which a woman marries into a family.

	Ooh, clever! Is it Tibet where women usually marry several
brothers at once? The evolutionary theory behind that I remember reading
was that as none of the husbands know whether they are fathers or uncles
they all pitch in equally to raise the children, useful in a hostile kind
of environment. I can't *imagine* what an ammonia strewn desert Zinka's
home planet must be if she feels she needs several Magids to daddy the
kids :-)


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