Silly placenames

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Fri May 2 15:28:01 EDT 2003

Otter Perry wrote:

>When my mother and I were in England in 1965, we found a place
>called Nether Wallop.  It is still enshrined in memory.  I even
>think I may still have a slide of the road sign.

Hell is in Norway.  :-)

I think I would rather live in Hope (Devon, Shropshire, Flintshire, Powys,
Derbyshire, Shropshire again, or Staffordshire, and there may well be

Or perhaps in a place called "Friendly", near Halifax.

If you can open a road-atlas of England and *not* find a silly name I'll be
surprised: Hinton Blewit and Ufton Nervet and Limpley Stoke spring
immediately to my mind without my even being in the same room as an atlas,
and there are plenty of others.  Nempnett Thrubwell.  Friskney Eaudike.
London Apprentice.  Long Load -- it really is a place, as well as something
you write on the back of a lorry.  Under River, goodness how uncomfortable
that sounds for a village.

Farewell.  (Staffs)


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