Zinka and Deep Secret

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Fri May 2 12:46:09 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:

>        I can't remember who it was who commented on the ambiguous nature
>of the scene where Simon tells Rupert he's married, but I agree with her.
>I believe the bit about Simon being married for three years, but I'm not
>sure if the rest of what he says is reliable, the passage strikes me as
>being authentically brotherly communication: not much said & most of that

My money is on Simon being at least in part an affectionate portrait of one
of DWJ's sons, the one she has said somewhere is a born-fiddler-with-things
who used to take her tranny apart in an absent-minded way.  That fits very
well with the striding about and fiddling with things!  In which case he's
also the one who is allegedly quite capable of forgetting for a year or two
to mention to one of his brothers minor details of his life like getting
married or moving house, if they didn't happen to be in the same place at
the same time -- not that I can see his brothers not finding out if her
sons are all visiting DWJ, because she would pass the news on, but Si and
Will and Rupert don't seem to have a parents they visit, if they have
living parents at all.  Is that ever mentioned?  I can't remember it being.

Will has bushy hair that wriggles -- I just found that, looking to see if
he had parents.  Was that a DS reference to "wriggly hair" you had in mind,

(In the same bit of the book we're told by Will that Earth has ten magids,
because it's comfortable to live on, which makes me wonder why Rupert
doesn't ask any of them for help at any point.)

Going back to Zinka, though: Will also says that a lot of magids come from
Earth because one has to be strong to do any magic there at all. People
with magic or magic potential are attracted by people with magic power or
potential, that's an explanation given by Rupert for why he and his
brothers were drawn to know Stan.  If that were the case, magic calling to
magic, then Zinka could have met Rupert before she met Simon, possibly
before *any* of them were magids, or at least more than three years ago.

Rupert, the youngest, is 26, we know that, so Zinka and Simon got married
when Rupert was 23 or thereabouts.  At that point Zinka was not a magid.
Simon didn't train her, and nor did Stan, or Rupert would surely have
mentioned it -- he and Stan are close friends, and presumably training
someone means they are around you at least some of the time.

Here's one way it *could* have gone:

Suppose that Rupert was already a magid before he was 23; suppose that he
actually was the *first* of the brothers to meet Zinka, either on Earth or
on some world other than Earth, but lost touch with her when she was
selected to become a magid.  At that point she went or was taken somewhere
where she met Simon, because it was originally Intended that he should
train her, but when they decided to get married the Intention was changed.
Bingo, no adultery or infidelity at all!

Not that I think this is the case, you understand.  Just that it's another
possible scenerio.


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