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Fri May 2 12:46:06 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:

>On Fri, 2 May 2003, [iso-8859-1] Katarina Hj”rpe wrote:
>> >"Though I'm not sure dirty angel pictures are on
>> >the net anywhere. You could get them to google on
>> >'freshly shagged milkmaid'... that pulls up a page
>> >of Plokta with me in an english civil war corset.
>> >There are pictures at Plokta, just not dirty angel
>> >pictures."
>> I actually did. She looks very lovely.
>        Her art is rather gorgeous too! And very reasonably priced, if
>this link is still to a current catalogue. She has a catalogue online

Buy!  Buy!  She's trying to move house, looking for somewhere she can
afford (another reason she wasn't in when I tried to phone), and every
little helps.

Her wooden objects are really lovely things, but I have as many of them
already as I have any reasonable use for (boxes, plates, goblets,
hand-mirrors all round, hairbrushes...), in fact more than is really
reasonable only I can't resist them.  And they are all useful as well as
beautiful, what more could one want?

When she sees me coming towards her stall in the dealers' room at
conventions she tells me "You can't afford it!" *before* I start to drool,
these days.  She sends me off to the bookstalls instead.

(I did mention that she is wonderful, didn't I?  In case I forgot:

        *She Is Wonderful*

and ought to be declared a National Treasure.)


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