Zinka and Deep Secret

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Fri May 2 10:54:35 EDT 2003

> Enough of that. The article talked about fidelity to a partner in other
> sexual terms. It suggested that becoming "good mates" with a person of the
> opposite sex (or same sex if you happen to be gay) might be infidelity if
> you share conversations or ideas with the friend instead of with the
> partner, or if you find you have things in common with the friend that you
> don't have with your partner.

Makes you wonder whether we've move beyond the Tragedy of Mariam? As in:

When to their husbands they themselves do bind,
Do they not wholly give themselves away?
Or give they but their body not their mind,
Reserving that, though best, for others, pray?
No, sure, their thoughts no more can be their own,
And therefore should to none but one be known

Then she usurps upon another's right,
That seeks to be by public language graced;
And though her thoughts reflect with purest light,
Her mind if not peculiar is not chaste.
For in a wife it is no worse to find
A common body, then a common mind.

Philip's earlier point about assymetry reminds me of this old example:

Situation: man stands in the street watching a woman get undressed in the in
her uncurtained bedroom. Result: the man is arrested as a peeping tom.

Situation: woman stands in the street watching a man get undressed in the in
his uncurtained bedroom. Result: the man is arrested as an exhibitionist.


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