Zinka and Deep Secret

Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk
Fri May 2 09:12:40 EDT 2003

Caught up with the list at last.  I shall go back over things I've read, and
reply more or less at random, I think.

To start with, Anita:

> On the point of Zinka, marriage and relationships, note that when Rupert
> finds Zinka drawing on the young man on the stairs he notes that the ivy
> leaves she is drawing are designed to make sure that he (the comatose
> young man) is hers that night. She is definitely married at that point.

I had always assumed that this was indeed what Rupert was thinking of when he is
surprised that Simon considers Zinka a faithful [*] wife.  I cannot interpret
the possessive in that paragraph as anything other than sexual.

Now I've got into trouble before, on this list, with my views on men's lib., but
I'd like to put up one point for discussion.  The idea that Zinka might put a
spell on a young man in order to seduce him is not (it seems to me) presented as
very shocking, apart from her being married at the time.  On the other hand, the
idea that a man might put a spell on a young girl in order to seduce her would
seem a lot more shocking.  Is that just me, or does this asymmetry of attitude
still prevail.

[*]  While I think of it, this is a good moment to raise the question of What is
marital fidelity?  It may sound obvious, but I find an increasing attitude that
it simply means not having sex with anyone other than one's spouse; while I
think that "faithful" ought to mean a lot more than that.  Besides which,
historically, adultery was strictly forbidden anyway.  So a vow made at marriage
to "be faithful" merely meaning "not commit adultery against one's spouse" would
be somewhat redundant!

I like the theory (sorry, I can't remember who said it) that Zinka came from a
world naywards of Earth.  I've always been puzzled by the order in which Simon,
Will, Rupert and Zinka became magids.  And yet I couldn't imagine her coming
from Ayewards and still enjoying Phantasmacon.  But if she comes from Ayewards,
she may find Earth Naywards enough to be reminiscent of home, while ayewards
enough to appreciate her fantastical art.


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