minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri May 2 06:52:38 EDT 2003

Ven wrote:

>Minnow wrote
><Oh!  Do you know, that reason for wanting her
>name simply hadn't occurred
>to me; I just don't give names or quote what
>people have said without
>asking the person if it's ok, unless it has been
>said in print or an open
>forum such as this one.  >
>Actually I just found out who she is from Dave
>Langford's Ansible and I have her website up at
>this minute. Just call me webstalker, there is no
>privacy with google..................

Langford is the Source of All Information Fannish.
Another wonderful person and (goes upfront before
anyone gets peeved) a very dear friend of mine, so
if anyone has to slag him off do it accurately or
I shall be ever so cross...

Sue Mason herself has now returned from America and
stopped being jetlagged, and having laughed at me
for "getting myself in a pickle" says

"No, I don't mind being named! It's not like I work
in a sensitive area.

"Though I'm not sure dirty angel pictures are on
the net anywhere. You could get them to google on
'freshly shagged milkmaid'... that pulls up a page
of Plokta with me in an english civil war corset.
There are pictures at Plokta, just not dirty angel

OK now?  Well, you did ask.... I suspect that Sue
is the Earth-Aunt, so it's ok for her to be earthy.
(She can't be its mother, she would have made a
better job of bringing it up.)


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