Stubborn reading (was Re: YA/Children's/Adult Books)

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri May 2 03:48:32 EDT 2003

>Maybe it's a distinction between character-driven and plot-driven books?
>Anyone?  If one loves one sort, is one going to un-love the other, as it
>were, or are both of similar levels of delight, just in different ways?
>Obviously if the plot stinks then the best characters in the world won't
>rescue the book, and vice versa, but would anyone else feel that DWJ's work
>for instance would fall apart if the people weren't "real", no matter that
>her plots worked?

It's an interesting point. Thinking about it, most of my favourite books 
and authors are definitely in the "character driven" category. Just 
thinking about my recent reading - Brust's Vlad Taltos, who is similar to 
Bujold's Miles (both action books, but character is central), Emma, DWJ.

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