Zinka and Deep Secret

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Fri May 2 00:27:41 EDT 2003


On the point of Zinka, marriage and relationships, note that when Rupert
finds Zinka drawing on the young man on the stairs he notes that the ivy
leaves she is drawing are designed to make sure that he (the comatose
young man) is hers that night. She is definitely married at that point.

On the words in the Lyke-Wake dirge and Deep Secret: I have always liked
the fact that the bus station is Whinmore bus-station, and my impression
is that it is a cold and bony place too. (Maybe that's the way I think
of waiting in bus stations anyway). I assumed that the Whinnes are the
crows/black birds that appear to peck at them, but was there a
suggestion earlier that they are berries of the spiky bushes. Either
would make sense given how the thorns stab them. It seems appropriate
that the journey to Babylon started from the Babylon hotel, and that
even in the town of Wantchester the hotel is difficult to get to, unless
you try not to go there, and that Whinmore bus station is part of the

Another person who looked back was Lot's wife, so Nick was probably wise
not to.

Thinking.. On their journey they had to take candles (light), wool,
grain and salt. They were stripped of their clothes and had to wear
things that they had given away, if any. Robbie had never given anything
away, but it didn't stop him completing the journey (this is a great
relief - perhaps the three children were able to complete their journey
too). They used the grain to distract the crows. The water and salt and
some grain were gifts/libations which they gave before making their
requests. They then had to come back and not look behind them. Nick and
Marie came back a long way apart even though they left together and
seemed to follow the same path, so their return journeys were very
personal.  OTOH, Andrew and Robbie came back by a different path and
came back together, so the Babylon journey "rules" aren't totally fixed.


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