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Emma Comerford emmaco at
Thu May 1 22:35:05 EDT 2003

At 12:59  30/04/03 -0400, Anna Clare McDuff wrote:
         People here may know this already, but just in case, I thought I'd
>spread the glad news that the Girls Gone By Publishers (a *very*
>small-scale but wonderful outfit devoted to re-publishing classic "girl's
>books" and modern associated books, for whom I've done a bit of volunteer
>proofreading in my time) (they are always in need of volunteer
>proofreaders if anyone wants to offer) are re-printing Antonia Forest's
>books. Antonia Forest has even written a new forward for these editions
>which cost 10 pounds each. Nicely bound trade paperbacks complete with
>publishing history & illustrations. They haven't done RMF yet, but
>Falconer's Lure has already been done & Run Away Home is in the works. I
>understand the intention is to republish all the books, so RMF is
>hopefully only a matter of time....

Wow! Thanks for this Anna! Although I've never read Antonia Forest, there 
are other books there that are making come up with even more ingenious 
justifications as to why I can afford books on my very limited budget! And 
of course, seeing as everyone is raving on about Antonia Forest I'm even 
starting to wonder if I need to eat over the next few weeks...

Out of curiosity, have the males on the list read any of the books/authors 
published by this company? Or have people's brothers/friends etc? I was 
just wondering if they truly were "girl's books".


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