pronunciation of "magid" + (was Re: Zinka)

christian nutt ferricide at
Thu May 1 16:13:59 EDT 2003

>From: Jenwa Hsung I think I pronounce it like the world magic, only with
>a D on the end instead of a C.  So with a short A
>sound and a soft G.

ditto. seems obvious doesn't it? =)

right now deep secret is my favorite DWJ and one of my favorite books, but i 
gave it to a couple of people for christmas and they were both not 
particularly impressed. two people i hugely respect and like immensely, too. 
who are into fantasy and sci fi. so it just goes to show ... well, i'm not 
sure what it goes to show. i never did have That Final Talk with one of 
them. he was still only partially in...


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