Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at math.sunysb.edu
Thu May 1 02:24:11 EDT 2003

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Kathleen Jennings wrote:

> Anna Clare McDuff wrote:
> > something to do with the ending of Merlin that left me gasping with
> > admiration. *Lots* of spoiler space first though as it would be a real
> > spoiler who hadn't read it yet...
> Aaagh! Anna! Thankyou very much but I haven't read Merlin yet (waiting until
> I could get hold of Deep Secret which took *weeks*) so I couldn't finish
> reading your email... but I will when I can.

	Whoops! I *am* sorry. Just as well I chucked in all that
spoiler space then, but still, it was impatient of me & I apologise!


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