Disgusting self-promotion

JOdel at aol.com JOdel at aol.com
Mon Mar 31 00:07:34 EST 2003

I just uploaded my latest publication project to my website 
(www.redhen-publication.com). This is David Hulan's "Eureka in Oz". David is 
the author of "The Glass Cat in Oz" (Books of Wonder, 1995) and several 
adventures which have been serialized in The Emerald City Mirror.

It is in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, and needs the Acrobat Reader version 4.0 
to open. (Mac OS X's Preview can also open it. Or at least the version of 
Preview that ships with Jaguar, but the Reader gives you more control.)

It is strongly reccommended that anyone running OS X just plan to read it 
read it offline, since the browsers for OS X don't support the Acrobat 
Plug-In any more. I posted the URL for a 3rd-party Plug-In that will do it. 
But it's so slow it's hardly worth it.
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