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The prediction was originally made by cosmologist
Brandon Carter. It is rather comforting in its
distance, not in my - or my children's lifetime.
Although like Woody Allen I have hopes of achieving
immortality not through my works but by simply not
dying. Like a number of other mathematical problems
I'm don't accept it simply because it makes
mathematical sense. There is a discussion of the
Carter prediction here;

and here

Which has an interesting ObDWJ in that the counter
arguement relies on the "many-worlds" concepts arising
from quantum mechanics. I'm sure DWJ didn't realise
that the concept behind the Chrestomanci's, Deep
secret and others is vital for the long term future of
the human race.


"The human race is divided into 10 types of people,
those who understand binary numbers and those who

--- Jacob Proffitt <Jacob at> wrote:
> ---Original Message From: Jon Noble
> > Incidently readers of Baxter's Manifold series
> will be
> > aware of the (genuine) mathematical prediction
> that
> > the human race has another 200 years yet before it
> > becomes extinct.
> Heh.  Genuine mathematical predictions can't
> accurately predict 3 years into
> the future.  I don't think this one's going to
> provide me much anxiety.  And
> not only because I'll personally be extinct long
> before this particular
> projection comes due.
> Jacob Proffitt
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