Vlad Taltos (was Re: Hurrah for Hallie was Re Ender's Game)

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Sun Mar 30 20:01:39 EST 2003

Melissa wrote

<I'm actually content with 
whatever he chooses to do
with the series--it's hard to remember sometimes 
that there are even as many
books as there are right now.  But after _Orca_ I

gave up on trying to
predict what he was thinking, because I'm clearly

not in his league.>

It's a continual delight top see what he does

>Steven Brust says, on his web site:
>"I have a lot of sympathy with people who want 
to read the books in
>chronological order, so I wrote this one 
[_Dragon_] to help them out:
>it falls before and after _Yendi_. Heh heh heh."

<It does indeed.  But I'm trying not to give 
people headaches with reading
two books at once and using multiple bookmarks.  
Besides, I still don't
believe in the whole chronological order thing.  
What happens when
_Chreotha_ comes out ten years from now and turns

out to be set before
_Taltos_?  Huh?>

It's absolutely certain that at least parts of
subsequent books will be set before Taltos as
there is still a great deal of Vlad's childhood
and family history that we don't have. There is,
for example almost nothing said about his mother,
and what Vlad has said so far about his father is
clearly unreliable. 

I'm very taken with the notion that first person
narratives are best done out of chronological
order. That way it's like getting to know someone
in real life -- you might get to know all about
their dog's last operation long before you hear
about the time their father was in prison.

I said
> It's a hugely ambitious project given the
> vagaries of life/ publishing houses etc. Is
> anyone else silly enough to worry that if 
> civilisation collapses (for any reason, not to 
> topical)  they won't get to finish various
> series? 

jon replied

<I suspect that civilization will last long 
enough, but
authors are, sadly, mortal. There are quite a few

Are Not Allowed To Die before they finish their
series. >

That's the melancholy truth. Reading between the
lines Brust has given himself the option of using
The Last Contract to finalise the series at any

Ian wrote
(who has now been sucked into the world of Vlad 
Taltos quite 
completely -  Thanks!!)
- -- 

Hurrah for Ian too.


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