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On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, Jacob Proffitt wrote:

> ---Original Message From: Ian W. Riddell
> > What happened with George Alec Effinger?
> He has very poor health and staggering hospital bills.  He had to
> declare bankruptcy and the asset the hospitals were awarded were
> his intellectual property in the character and world he had
> created.  The stupid thing is that the lawyers and hospital insist
> on taking all proceeds from those works.  Thus, if he writes any
> further in that world, all the proceeds go to the doctors.  
> Leaves him with little incentive to write them.  If they had a
> brain between them, they'd work something out--after all,
> potential future earnings beats guaranteed none and he's a
> relatively successful mid-list author.  My understanding is that
> he's still wrangling over potential future works, but I'm not
> sure--it's been four or five years since I heard anything about
> it.

As I understand it, he did eventually get his stuff back from the
lawyers and the bill collectors, but subsequently suffered a further
and more severe decline in his health that left him permanently unable
to write anything else ever.  :(

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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